Ascarii capitalises on the cloud




Traditionally business management software has been run on-premise, and has been the preserve of those larger businesses able to afford the capital expenditure costs upfront. This is changing though; cloud services are now both more available and more in demand. The cloud removes the barrier of operating costs and enables different ways of delivering and consuming services that support new ways of working without the loss of functionality.
Business management software is just one example of a service that can be delivered through the cloud, but almost anything can be offered as a cloud service these days. Companies now have the ability to create a tailored offering for a fraction of previous costs that have a real impact on the way that their business is run. As such, SMEs across the UK should be taking advantage of the cloud and thinking differently about their development.
This is opening up a new way for technology providers to offer services to their customers and adapt to the changing industry demands. Ascarii is one example of a business that is capitalising on this trend by providing pure cloud services to new markets and through new mechanisms. Since providing these services, Ascarii has experienced huge demand from across different industries. The difference in cost structure has been critical to opening up this market, but the focus for Ascarii is on demonstrating the value the product can bring to the business. For Ascarii this is the full capability of SAP Business One delivered through different mechanisms for different markets.
Ascarii’s Citrix-based platform creates a more robust and accessible connection for those on the move and can be tailored by industry quickly and easily; while it is partnering with incubation centres to provide a low cost, low maintenance technology platform as part of a wider offering for the growing start-up market that capitalises on the popularity of shared services. It is showing businesses that not only is sophisticated business software available for a fraction of its previous price; it can be a critical competitive differentiator.
For SMEs, often operating in a crowded market, being able to adopt the same technologies as larger counterparts is crucial to remaining competitive. And thanks to the cloud, and technology providers such as Ascarii, this is now possible. By thinking differently about technology adoption, Ascarii enabled SMEs to grow faster and more sustainably – bringing in the processes and structure they need to make that leap faster and with less disruption.

 Will Newton, head of  Business One at SAP UKI

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