Media; making good ideas great




When you have a good business idea, how do you get the best return from it?

The answer to that question is changing, according to Steve Hatch, CEO of media agency MEC Global

Traditionally, media was real estate and a good idea was placed where people would see it. But now, media is constantly evolving and people expect to gather, share and use ideas in new and exciting ways.

Here Think Bigger speaks with Steve about taking a good idea and making it great.

Hi Steve, thanks for getting in touch. MEC looks to be moving in leaps and bounds.

Thanks for having me! We’re doing really well, yes. We actually just won the Media360 Agency of the Decade award, which is great.

I didn’t want to start by showing off…

Congratulations! Why don’t you tell our audience about MEC Global?

On a very basic level, we are a media agency that creates strategies for advertisers so people are more likely to see their communications and buy their clients’ products. We work across all channels and sectors. Our smallest client spends around £100,000 with us and the largest spends around £92 million.

More importantly, we’re an ideas business. We take products and ideas, and bring them to life through strategy and content. That’s not as easy as it sounds in today’s media landscape.

So for our SME audience, what might dictate their media plans at the moment?

Our space is constantly being innovated, but what is innovative today isn’t innovative tomorrow. Clearly, digital and mobile are big game changers, but for your readers that means they must become more responsive.

With so many channels out there, you must enable yourself to react to how those channels treat your ideas. And the most important thing is to react in the context of the original idea, using that as a guiding principal.

Media campaigns can no longer be static. They must be strategic and sensitive to change.

It sounds complicated.

It’s exciting! The idea that you can connect with your customers in ways that you’ve never been able to before is powerful. Businesses can really set themselves apart.

That is exciting. Can we talk a little about how MEC Global is run? As the highest ranked media agency in the Sunday Times Top 100 Employers for the last 3 years, you must be delighted.

We are. All businesses say, “It’s our culture”. I suppose it is here as well but I can’t define it. To me, it feels like a mix of soulfulness, great work and ambition. Rather than compete aggressively with other agencies, we try to make the problem the focus of our energy. We don’t play the man, we play the ball.

Also, to be an employer of choice in a modern business, you can’t exercise command and control. In a digital world, the younger people know more than you do, so you have to be a meritocracy.

With such a refreshing approach, you must be looking forward to the future?

Absolutely! We’ve doubled in size in four years and we want to keep that momentum. We’re instigating a vision at the moment; we want to find out what motivates people. It’s a bottom up approach that will keep us firing.

In terms of developing our services, digital, mobile and content will remain our focus. However, without a brilliant idea that stuff can’t come to life. Our future is quite similar to our past; we’ll continue to build on great creative ideas. The change will be how we put those ideas into the market. That’s the challenge

Fantastic. It’s great to hear from a truly modern business and CEO. Thanks to Steve and MEC Global.

Do you agree with Steve? Are digital and mobile platforms improving your media activity? Is a bottom-up approach to HR the way forward?

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