Make your HR department happy: Implement cloud



According to recent research from IDC, 70% of CIOs will embrace a “cloud first” strategy in 2016. With such an increase in the adoption of cloud strategy, it is important that SMEs do not get left behind and embrace these innovative technologies and strategies that are being implemented by larger counterparts.

All lines of business are getting more involved in IT based decisions as technology becomes more innovative and agile, individual departments can identify where technology can align with departmental needs.

In particular, we are increasingly seeing the HR department at the forefront of technology decision making. As businesses realise the importance of human capital and how the process of people management can become more efficient due to the cloud, we are starting to see more SMEs getting ahead of the curve.

The independent HR Director

The cloud has given the HR director independence. By implementing such simple and agile solutions, lines of business can take more ownership for the way in which they use and implement technology, without having to rely on the IT department.

The HR director’s ultimate focus is the needs of the business and so by using cloud based solutions to effectively manage the workforce, time can be freed up to focus on areas that will drive growth and positively impact the organisation. For example, for SMES it is vital that HR Directors spend time during the recruitment process to invest in and employ motivated staff, with the correct skills and abilities.

The SMEs who recognise how important this process is, and proactively increase the efficiency of this process, will be the SMEs implementing cloud solutions and gaining a competitive advantage.

The efficient workforce

With cloud technology, it’s not only the recruitment process that becomes more efficient, but the workforce as a whole.

A priority for the HR department is to maintain an engaged a workforce and retain talent, particularly in an environment where millennials are demanding more in the workplace. By implementing a cloud solution the workforce can easily become mobile by connecting cloud applications with on-premise systems.

Mobile as a channel is becoming extremely important to employees and maintaining a healthy work life balance. It also helps increase efficiency amongst the workforce as information can be accessed anywhere. If the HR department listens to these demands, employees will remain engaged.

Staff retention, is becoming an ever growing concern for HR departments as millennials begin to join the workforce. As new research shows, a majority of these workers ‘won’t stay with one employer more than five years’; this generation are the game changers, and it is vital that SMEs stay innovative to attract this talent.

Millenials are used to instant results and being mobile, if a HR department ensures they are exposed to this from the beginning of the process, the prospective employee will gather a positive image of the company and remain interested in the role.

My advice for SMEs is to act now. The cloud is a perfect opportunity to recruit, engage and retain employees, which is something HR directors know as being a very important aspect to business performance.

The cloud enables businesses to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time.