Live video – the face of your business


Flexible working

People buy from people, that is how business is done. It’s a fact that 60 percent of all human communication is body language and 30 percent is tone. That means ninety percent of what we are saying isn’t coming out of our mouths.

This makes face to face communication in business vital. If you can’t see who you are dealing with how can you trust what they are saying? Just like in poker, if you can’t see their body language, how do you know their tell and as a result where to take the conversation next or if they were even receptive to what you are discussing?

As more and more of us are now working remotely, less physical meetings are happening, which is reducing the amount of face time we have with colleagues, customers, prospects etc. – which could be having an impact on business deals.

However, this needn’t be the case. A recent report into Live Video from BlueJeans found that nearly three quarters (72 percent) of employees agree that live video has the potential to transform the way they communicate in the workplace. In fact 36 percent want to see live video used more over other methods such email (27 percent), instant messaging (26 percent) and phone calls (24 percent) as they believe it will create better relationships and even reduce the mountains of emails they receive on a day to day basis.

From this we can see that employees want to make a shift in the way they are working and communicating, making it increasingly important for organisations to sit up, take notice and implement video communications technologies.

By doing so, organisations will open up an all in cumbersome way of conducting business. Live meetings can happen at any time of day, from any location at a minimal cost. In most cases businesses won’t even need to purchase new equipment to benefit from the latest video technology, they can upcycle old equipment and implement cloud based solutions, which will cast their employees to anyone all over the globe whether it be for a meeting in America or down the road in Staines.

Whilst live video adoption might be seen to be slow at the moment, over half of employees (55 percent) believe that all of their current meeting rooms will be equipped for video calls by 2020, meaning that we are at the dawn of live video adoption and by association, better interactions and more lucrative business deals.

By James Campanini, GM of International at BlueJeans