What impact will the Autumn Statement have for SMEs?


Almost five months to the day of the Brexit vote, Chancellor Phillip Hammond made his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons earlier this week. A period of economic uncertainty lies ahead, but what effect will Hammond’s “mini budget” have for SMEs? We’ve spoken with several thought leaders on the topic. In reaction to the […]


Staying flexible can be a business’ main strength


Flexible working in theory is ideal, but in practice it can sometimes hit snags in an organisation. That’s not because the model ‘doesn’t work’ – rather, it is due to the lack of tools employees have access to. Staying mobile is integral to flexible working whether that means working from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. […]


What lessons can businesses learn from the world of sport?


The use of technology in the sports industry is often associated with IoT devices such as a FitBit, or even Nike’s latest self-tying shoes, but it does a lot more. The industry is extremely innovative when it comes to adopting new technology and many businesses should take stock of what sports stars and teams are […]


Why retail is struggling with digital transformation


Despite expressing a willingness to go digital and understanding the benefits of doing so, nine in ten retail organisations (91%) are facing significant challenges in making it happen, according to Bizagi’s latest global research ‘The Agility Trap Report.’ The pressure to keep up with the sheer pace of digital change is not helping organisations. Even […]


5 top trends driving the future of marketing


 There is no industry that moves faster than digital marketing. In fact, to put it into perspective, statistics released by the Department of Culture and Media has found that the marketing sector has experienced a year-on-year growth of 11%, and contributed £84.1bn to the British Economy. Furthermore it’s been estimated that digital roles will grow […]