Big data’s role in the marketing mix


Marketers rely on data – it’s the lifeblood of understanding a businesses’ customers, prospects and people. Today, big data and our willingness to share our personal information has allowed marketers to get ever closer to us as consumers; unlocking the power to enhance their marketing activities and achieve better results. In the quest to answer […]


SMEs and the AI marketing revolution


There are patterns to all things. This universal truth applies to marketing just as much as it does anywhere else, a fact many large companies have understood for quite some time. The who, what, when, where, why, and how of marketing all matter, and finding the best of each is the science of marketing. This “science” […]


Think big: the path to marketing success in a digital world


Irrespective of industry, Britain’s SMBs are today challenged with balancing a changing customer landscape with the often limited resource on hand. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect more accessible, portable, flexible or customised products and services. It’s only fair. This is what we are accustomed to in our personal lives and when interacting with […]


What can businesses learn from the entertainment industry?


There’s more to growing a business than making a product available, drafting a press release, and scheduling a couple of Tweets. Developing a brand and creating a well-thought-out marketing campaign is what resonates with today’s media-savvy audience. Reach for the stars, and do as they do, by applying these showbiz antics to your business marketing: […]


5 tips for using video and images to build your brand


As social media leans ever more heavily towards images and motion content, brands are competing to produce videos and pictures which attract and engage potential customers. In fact, senior Facebook executives have predicted that the platform will be “all video” in five years. So, to ensure your content builds your audience, and generates follows, likes, […]