Online security tips for businesses


Online security is something everyone on the internet has to take seriously, but it’s particularly important for businesses. A virus infection or lost device could not only affect income but might have a wider ongoing impact on your organisation’s reputation. That could be devastating on smaller firms. But staying safe online does not need to […]


Will Sadiq Khan drive digital transformation?


After months of campaigning, Labour’s Sadiq Khan has recently been elected as the Mayor of London. Much like the general public, businesses have been anxious to see what Sadiq Khan has in store as the new Mayor. Digital transformation has been high on the agenda for many SMEs who want improve employee engagement, enhance the […]


Levelling the playing field with digital solutions


Ask any organisation about their priorities for the coming year and they will likely rank digitisation as number one.


Digital transformation & the customer experience


Digital transformation is a term that you hear far more about than you actually see in action. Many organisations talk a good game, but those that have a coherent, workable and strategic plan for their digital transformation are few and far between. This is certainly the case with many established businesses, but it is also […]


The use of a collaborative electronic filing system


‘Digital transformation’ is a hotly touted subject and analysts are unanimous in their perceived importance of it in business. IDC expects that the percentage of enterprises creating advanced digital transformation initiatives will more than double by 2020, from today’s 22% to almost 50%. However, ‘digital’ is the operative word and businesses must be cognizant that […]