Why smart sensors are essential for the modern high-street


It has been a volatile year for the British high street. 2016 saw, at the beginning of June and in the wake of Brexit, footfall down 3.7 per cent on the year and one in ten stores lying empty. Over the past few weeks, however, brick and mortar stores have made a surprising comeback. Defying […]


The secret to retail success in 2017? Adopt the cloud


It’s no secret; tech is the fastest moving phenomenon in business, if not the world. The pace of which it moves can be intimidating to retailers looking to adopt new methods to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their business, so cutting through the plethora of shiny products and services can be a job in […]


Why that investor rejected you


Rejection is never easy to swallow at the best of times but, when someone knocks back the idea you’ve been mulling over and nurturing for the past year or so (and which you think is brilliant), it can prove utterly crushing. Don’t despair though. And definitely don’t take this minor – for that’s what it […]


Mapping the journey to a successful UC strategy


Employees are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with their colleagues and work more effectively and efficiently. At the heart of enabling this is having a solid Unified Communications strategy, which allows the IT department and HR teams to work together to successfully roll out the right technology to suit the right […]


What lessons can businesses learn from the world of sport?


The use of technology in the sports industry is often associated with IoT devices such as a FitBit, or even Nike’s latest self-tying shoes, but it does a lot more. The industry is extremely innovative when it comes to adopting new technology and many businesses should take stock of what sports stars and teams are […]