Queue busting with mobile tech – customers will thank you!


Delayed trains, rainy weather, badly made cups of tea and complaining in restaurants are just a few things Brits typically hate. Also high up on this list of their bugbears is queuing. While Britain is a nation world-renowned for its orderly queuing, we hate it, particularly compared to our European counterparts. And while some of […]


5 top trends driving the future of marketing


 There is no industry that moves faster than digital marketing. In fact, to put it into perspective, statistics released by the Department of Culture and Media has found that the marketing sector has experienced a year-on-year growth of 11%, and contributed £84.1bn to the British Economy. Furthermore it’s been estimated that digital roles will grow […]


Big data’s role in the marketing mix


Marketers rely on data – it’s the lifeblood of understanding a businesses’ customers, prospects and people. Today, big data and our willingness to share our personal information has allowed marketers to get ever closer to us as consumers; unlocking the power to enhance their marketing activities and achieve better results. In the quest to answer […]


SMEs and the AI marketing revolution


There are patterns to all things. This universal truth applies to marketing just as much as it does anywhere else, a fact many large companies have understood for quite some time. The who, what, when, where, why, and how of marketing all matter, and finding the best of each is the science of marketing. This “science” […]


Leverage SMS to make you a smarter marketer


Targeted, flexible, cost effective and traceable, SMS text messaging is far from an archaic means of communication. In fact, with research firm Inonetics estimating that SMS marketing spend will reach $8 billion dollars globally in 2016, how can you afford not to be utilising it as an intrinsic part of your marketing programme? The exponential […]