Think big: the path to marketing success in a digital world


Irrespective of industry, Britain’s SMBs are today challenged with balancing a changing customer landscape with the often limited resource on hand. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect more accessible, portable, flexible or customised products and services. It’s only fair. This is what we are accustomed to in our personal lives and when interacting with […]


How businesses can prevent phone fraud


For businesses, fraud loss can be damaging – both in terms of cost and customer confidence. It’s a crime that has affected many institutions to the extent that fraud loss has evolved into an incurred cost that is considered somewhat inevitable. Fraud on the phone channel is a serious problem and it’s getting worse. Our […]


Software as a service could lower costs for “defensive” CFO


UK CFOs are making defensive strategies their top priority, for the first time in over a year. Says the headline of the CA Today article.  The article references Deloitte’s 2016 Q2 CFO survey which was conducted in the wake of Brexit. According to this survey, Brexit has caused major uncertainty in the business community.  Confidence has plummeting to a low not seen […]


What can businesses learn from the entertainment industry?


There’s more to growing a business than making a product available, drafting a press release, and scheduling a couple of Tweets. Developing a brand and creating a well-thought-out marketing campaign is what resonates with today’s media-savvy audience. Reach for the stars, and do as they do, by applying these showbiz antics to your business marketing: […]


5 tips for using video and images to build your brand


As social media leans ever more heavily towards images and motion content, brands are competing to produce videos and pictures which attract and engage potential customers. In fact, senior Facebook executives have predicted that the platform will be “all video” in five years. So, to ensure your content builds your audience, and generates follows, likes, […]