Why you need to re-invent your offering to stay at the top


What have Nescafe, David Bowie, Kodak, Madonna and British Airways got to do with SME owners? They can all teach you valuable lessons about future-proofing your business. Some are shining examples of how to re-invent your offering to stay at the top. Others fell behind, and you can learn from their mistakes. Until his sad […]


What can businesses learn from Nintendo fever?


Nintendo has had a bit of a hard time of late. Trying to keep up with Xbox and PlayStation has taken its toll on the brand in the UK, but they are back with a bang, having rejuvenated one of their biggest successes (after Mario, of course, …no? Just me then!). Pokémon Go fever recently […]


The creative business of leadership


Across the media, we keep seeing calls for a different approach to leadership. This seems to revolve around three particular areas: creativity as a source of innovation; collaboration, distributed and inclusive leadership; personal authenticity and collective responsibility. Taken together they are mission critical, underpinning productivity in unpredictable situations all over the world, and a basic […]


Has digital disruption killed innovation?


The majority of senior execs expect moderate or massive digital disruption in the coming 12 months according to a study recently published in HBR. The disruption is mainly driven by ‘customer first’ businesses that have a start-up mentality and understand how to leverage technology to develop superior products and customer experiences. But companies need to […]


Is the digital skills crisis hindering UK innovation?


Since the beginning of the digital revolution 30 years ago, digital technology continues to embed itself into our daily lives as it becomes increasingly valued across all industries. However as the sector continues to grow at extraordinary speed, can we keep up with our own demands for development? There is no doubt that there is […]