Applying common sense to resource planning


Virtually all organisations agree that doing capacity planning for better resource management is incredibly important. However, they also recognise that resource planning is anything but easy. In fact, a recent benchmark study sponsored by Planview shows more than 70 per cent of organisations do poor capacity planning and overcommit their resources – which leads to […]


SMEs and the AI marketing revolution


There are patterns to all things. This universal truth applies to marketing just as much as it does anywhere else, a fact many large companies have understood for quite some time. The who, what, when, where, why, and how of marketing all matter, and finding the best of each is the science of marketing. This “science” […]


Support for SMEs: big banks or alternative lender?


Businesses of all sizes have historically looked towards the high street banks for financial support, whether this is to help during a period of cashflow issues, high growth or a desire to invest in a specific area of the business. More recently however, it has certainly become the case that small business owners are looking […]


What you need to consider when raising investment


Investment is a key route to business growth, as many start-ups quickly discover. We were one of those start-ups, in fact, as investment was a big part of our business plan right from launch. Raising funds isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds though and the process does take a little time and patience. For those […]


Think big: the path to marketing success in a digital world


Irrespective of industry, Britain’s SMBs are today challenged with balancing a changing customer landscape with the often limited resource on hand. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect more accessible, portable, flexible or customised products and services. It’s only fair. This is what we are accustomed to in our personal lives and when interacting with […]