Growth is good, sustainable growth is crucial


I’d always wanted to try my hand at running a business, knowing that I’d picked up a wide range of skills from a background in HR and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity in 2002 when I took over the running of Primary PlayCare from my sister. I’d been involved in the business […]


Got ambitions for growth? Get training…


For someone who’s worked in and around tech companies for a while, I’m no stranger to seeing the words ‘skills shortages’ dominating press headlines. The skills debate within the IT sector has been raging for years, to the extent that it’s become something of an annual discussion. To see the same issues crop up in […]


Why red tape is mostly a red herring


The most complained about regulations don’t actually exist, discovers Charles Orton-Jones Every government promises a bonfire of red-tape. Encouragingly, this one might just mean it. The Red Tape Challenge website is publishing all the commercial laws from employment law to shipping regulations. Businesses can comment on each law, citing which are useful and which are […]


Why thinking big doesn’t need to mean losing control


When we set up Cad and the Dandy back in December 2008, we had big plans for the company. I guess anyone who sets up a business does, but obviously there can be a big difference between ambition and reality. The circumstances surrounding the setup of our company were pretty specific. Ian (co-founder) and I […]