Why smart sensors are essential for the modern high-street


It has been a volatile year for the British high street. 2016 saw, at the beginning of June and in the wake of Brexit, footfall down 3.7 per cent on the year and one in ten stores lying empty. Over the past few weeks, however, brick and mortar stores have made a surprising comeback. Defying […]


The secret to retail success in 2017? Adopt the cloud


It’s no secret; tech is the fastest moving phenomenon in business, if not the world. The pace of which it moves can be intimidating to retailers looking to adopt new methods to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their business, so cutting through the plethora of shiny products and services can be a job in […]


What impact will the Autumn Statement have for SMEs?


Almost five months to the day of the Brexit vote, Chancellor Phillip Hammond made his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons earlier this week. A period of economic uncertainty lies ahead, but what effect will Hammond’s “mini budget” have for SMEs? We’ve spoken with several thought leaders on the topic. In reaction to the […]


Staying flexible can be a business’ main strength


Flexible working in theory is ideal, but in practice it can sometimes hit snags in an organisation. That’s not because the model ‘doesn’t work’ – rather, it is due to the lack of tools employees have access to. Staying mobile is integral to flexible working whether that means working from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. […]


Hyper-local to hyper-global, is collaboration the key?


The ability to expand into multiple markets on an international stage can help SMEs grow exponentially, although there are numerous challenges which make global expansion a very daunting prospect. Today’s small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy and play a vital role in the country’s economic development. Although dealing with the practical realities […]