Mapping the journey to a successful UC strategy


Employees are increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with their colleagues and work more effectively and efficiently. At the heart of enabling this is having a solid Unified Communications strategy, which allows the IT department and HR teams to work together to successfully roll out the right technology to suit the right […]


What lessons can businesses learn from the world of sport?


The use of technology in the sports industry is often associated with IoT devices such as a FitBit, or even Nike’s latest self-tying shoes, but it does a lot more. The industry is extremely innovative when it comes to adopting new technology and many businesses should take stock of what sports stars and teams are […]


Queue busting with mobile tech – customers will thank you!


Delayed trains, rainy weather, badly made cups of tea and complaining in restaurants are just a few things Brits typically hate. Also high up on this list of their bugbears is queuing. While Britain is a nation world-renowned for its orderly queuing, we hate it, particularly compared to our European counterparts. And while some of […]


Live video – the face of your business


People buy from people, that is how business is done. It’s a fact that 60 percent of all human communication is body language and 30 percent is tone. That means ninety percent of what we are saying isn’t coming out of our mouths. This makes face to face communication in business vital. If you can’t […]


Why retail is struggling with digital transformation


Despite expressing a willingness to go digital and understanding the benefits of doing so, nine in ten retail organisations (91%) are facing significant challenges in making it happen, according to Bizagi’s latest global research ‘The Agility Trap Report.’ The pressure to keep up with the sheer pace of digital change is not helping organisations. Even […]